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It is a set of techniques which remove pain during surgical intervention.

Overall, two types of anesthesia can be performed:

  • general anesthesia : it causes loss of consciousness comparable to a sleep. It is obtained, usually by intravenous injection of products through an infusion. It is often necessary to introduce a tube into the trachea to allow ventilation. At the end of surgery, you spend approximately 1 hour in the recovery room to monitor your condition before being reassembled in your room.
  • loco-regional : it allows anesthesia of the region that will be made by directly injecting the products closer to the nerves (plexus block). These are marked with an electrical stimulator or by ultrasound. This technique allows you to remain aware and keep the dialogue during the intervention.

Whatever the technique, you will be supported by a team throughout your operation and in the recovery room. Taking into account your pain on awakening is one of our priorities.

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