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First consultation

At first, you must meet a surgeon. In fact, you want more specific answers regarding the pathology behind your consultation. For this you must take appointment with one of our hostesses who stands at your disposal 03 20 55 30 80 and type 1.

During the consultation, remember to bring all the pieces that might be helpful: correspondence, radiographs, CT, MRI scans, Proceedings of exams...

Either the surgeon does not intend to intervene immediately, he then prescribe treatment most suitable for you.

Either the surgeon offers to intervene in this case, will decide Response time with your agreement and subject to availability and yours. The surgeon will then explain how the intervention, Its benefits, the risk of complications and to be out of your service.


The pre-anesthetic consultation carried out a few days before admission is a legal obligation in France since December 5, 1994 and that before any act of anesthesia. It will allow the anesthesiologist who will proceed the day of your speech to have perfect knowledge of all the elements necessary to ensure your safety.

For this, the review will include an examination on general diseases you may suffer and that complete clinical examination. You decide all the terms of anesthesia. The doctor may need to prescribe various complementary tests based on its findings (chest radiograph, electrocardiogram ...).

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